Is Mayonnaise Gluten Free?

Mayonnaise is generally gluten free, but may be subjected to cross-contamination.

Is mayonnaise gluten free? It depends. Most mayonnaise is made with naturally gluten free ingredients. However, they may not be labeled as gluten free, because they are not guaranteed against cross-contamination. If this is the case, be sure to check the ingredients for any gluten containing culprits. If you are especially sensitive to cross-contaminated food, be sure to verify that the label specifically says it’s gluten free. Some people worry about the vinegar in it, but as long as it isn’t malt vinegar, the vinegar does not contain gluten.

To be absolutely sure your mayonnaise is gluten free, you can make your own. All you need are eggs, mustard, lemon, oil, salt, and pepper.

Gluten Free Mayonnaise

Hellmann’s clearly lists any gluten ingredients in plain language on the ingredient label (such as wheat flour, rye, barley, oats, and malt). The following products currently specify “gluten free” on the nutrition facts.

Kraft Foods products are labeled with very specific ingredient information. If a Kraft Foods product has a gluten containing ingredient, the specific grain will be listed in the ingredient statement, even when present in small amounts. The following do not contain gluten ingredients.

Heinz lists the following as gluten free.

Spectrum mayonnaise products are gluten free, confirmed by a gluten analysis.

Follow Your Heart lists the following as gluten free.

  • Follow Your Heart Original Vegenaise
  • Follow Your Heart Reduced Fat Vegenaise
  • Follow Your Heart Soy-Free Vegenaise
  • Follow Your Heart Organic Vegenaise
  • Follow Your Heart Grapeseed Vegenaise
  • Follow Your Heart Pesto Vegenaise Gourmet
  • Follow Your Heart Roasted Garlic Vegenaise Gourmet
  • Follow Your Heart Chipotle Vegenaise Gourmet

Trader Joe’s lists the following as containing no gluten ingredients. This doesn’t eliminate the risk of cross-contamination, if you are sensitive to that.

Duke’s claims that their mayonnaise is gluten free. However, some products list wheat on the ingredient list. The following do not.

Do you know of any other brands that are gluten free? Which one is your favorite? Or do you have your own recipe? Leave a comment below!

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