Is flax gluten free?

Flax is gluten free.

Is flax gluten free? Flax is a flowering plant used both for its fibers and its seeds. It does not contain gluten. As with anything else, cross-contamination is possible when it is processed in plants which also process gluten grains. Look for a gluten free label to be safe.

You can get flax in the form of flax seeds, flax meal, flax flour, and flaxseed oil. Flax seeds are either golden or brown; both contain the same nutrients. Flax meal, flax flour, ground flax seed, and milled flax seed are all the same thing. Flaxseed oil supplements are available for providing omega-3 fatty acids.

Flax seeds have a lot of health benefits, so they are a great food to add to your diet. They help with cardiovascular disease, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar, reducing hot flashes in menopausal women, and protecting against cancer.

Store ground flax seed in the freezer. This keeps it from oxidizing and losing its potency. Whole flax seeds can be stored at room temperature in a dark, dry place for up to a year. You may consider buying whole seeds and grinding them yourself with a coffee grinder whenever you need it.

How do you eat flax seed?

Flax seeds are best used ground, because whole flax seeds pass through the digestive system undigested. This means that the nutrients are not absorbed as well by your body. Ground flax seeds are also preferable to flaxseed oil, as the oil only gives part of the benefit of the entire seed.

An easy way to add flax meal to your diet is to add a couple tablespoons to things you regularly eat, like oatmeal, yogurt, soup, or smoothies. It can also be added to chili, meatloaf, meatballs, and beef stew. No one will notice the difference. Use half to one tablespoon per serving. Flax meal can also be used in baking as part of a gluten free flour mix. Or you can microwave a single muffin in a mug.

Gluten Free Flax Seed Products

Bob’s Red Mill has a separate gluten free packaging division with special machinery to protect against cross-contamination. They ensure a standard of no more than 19 parts per million of gluten. Bob’s Red Mill also produces items which contain gluten, so make sure to buy only the ones which say gluten free on the label.

Other manufacturers:

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