Is chocolate gluten free?

Chocolate is gluten free, but not all chocolate products are.
Is chocolate gluten free?

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Pure chocolate, which is made from fermented cacao beans, is gluten free. Cocoa solids (or cocoa powder) and cocoa butter (or theobroma oil) are both gluten free. However, though you might bake with pure chocolate, you’re never going to want to eat it plain. As a result, most chocolate contains other ingredients, including, at the very least a sweetener. This is a case where you are going to have to check the ingredients on a case by case basis to be sure.

As always, there is also the possibility of cross-contamination if the chocolate is processed in a factory that also processed gluten containing foods. To guard against this, choose only brands which are specifically labeled gluten free.

Gluten Free Chocolate Products

Hershey maintains a list of products that have been verified as gluten free. It’s always best to check the label, though, as ingredients may change.

Stay tuned! I will be adding more products and brands as I sort through them.

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