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The Gluten Free Food List is a project I created to gather together information about safe and unsafe foods for people who are intolerant, allergic, or sensitive to gluten. I’m gathering information about gluten free food from around the web into one convenient resource. Though I call it a list, I intend for it to have more in-depth information about each item rather than just a non-annotated list. This is useful, because there are many foods which are gluten-free and safe in some forms and unsafe in others. There are also foods which are controversial and may be troublesome for some. I want to provide as much information as possible in these cases so that each person can decide whether or not they should include these foods in their own diets.


I’m GFBF (or Gluten-Free Boyfriend if you like me a lot). I have non-celiac gluten intolerance and a wheat allergy. I’m also allergic to eggs and cats. I eat the former in moderation and the latter not at all. I am also sensitive to various fruits, some nuts, kale, and sorbitol. At various times I have half-seriously considered limiting my diet to Amish-raised chicken and organic rice. I am an advocate for locally grown food and farmer’s markets, and I prefer to eat naturally gluten free food. However, I can appreciate the appeal of expensive gluten free food substitutes, and I do indulge from time to time.

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Information contained on this website should not be construed as as medical advice. This site is designed to be of assistance in planning diets for people like me, who suffer from gluten intolerance and wheat allergies. You should always seek help from a medical professional to determine your level of gluten sensitivity and what steps you need to take to keep yourself healthy.

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